About Us

Humans are drawn to the sound of the human voice.

Simply listening to someone tell their story can fill you with empathy, compassion and understanding.

Nothing can engage us quite like it; nothing can encapture us, enrage or entertain us quite like it.

It is the vessel on which all emotions travel, that’s why it’s at the heart of the most human artforms: storytelling, podcasts, animation, advertising, videos, music, education, gaming, reporting, documentaries, social media & audiobooks.

Every story, every project, every piece of content is unique and needs a unique human voice with unique characteristics.

Covoco was built on the belief that it should be easy & simple to find, hire & work seamlessly with Talented Voice-Over Professionals, in any language & accent, from anywhere in the world, on-demand, at any scale and at a fair price point.

It should be easy for voice talent to leverage our platform and technology to easily audition and sell their voice to clients & creators from any location. Their talent should matter, not their location.

They should be able to create a constant source of earnings with their voice.

They should be empowered to live & work from wherever they want and still make a living doing something they love.

We are a global team of voice artists, content creators, designers, software developers & data scientists with the sole mission to evolve & disrupt how the world's most innovative artists, creators, producers, advertisers, publishers & companies Create Content in this digital age.

We are all passionate about this mission and we work everyday to improve & evolve our platform and grow our exclusive network of the talented content creators & voice actors in every language & every country.

Voice Content for Every Mission

On-Demand. Serving Globally. In Every Language.

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