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Covoco Pricing Explained

Pricing includes the following

1. Any medium of distribution - Internet, Radio , Television & any other medium

2. Any geography / reach - Entire world

Our software engine and Covoco Team, analyze multiple factors to provide you a Fixed Fee Model for all languages at the start of a project. Just as you would like an Uber to show you the approximate cost of the trip before you book.

Each project is allocated a Fixed Fee right at the start. You can choose to work with your preferred voice artist at the same fee. A fixed fee removes the hassle of bidding & proposals. All you need to do is take a listen at the demo auditions for your project & pick the best artist.

Covoco accepts all major credit / debit card globally. For any payment related queries send an email to our support team.

Covoco deposit makes your project FEE safe & only payable to the artist upon successful project delivery. The project fee is paid to the voice over artist only when you certify your project as complete. Covoco matches you with the suitable voice artists for your project & ensures successful delivery.

Each project starts with a Fixed Fee model, you can pay at the point of posting your job request or upon receiving auditions. The amount is fully secure and is only paid to the artist after you certify the project as complete. The paid amount is transferred & deposited with Covoco during the project phase.

We analyze each support request on high priority, evaluating all aspects. We may reach out to you via email or phone for further info. We would work with you to find the most suitable solution in the most efficient manner.

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